Know Your Credit

Providing you with credit knowledge will help you to better determine the outcomes that might be hampering your road to success on a daily basis.  Credit affects your daily life, and it creates a world of havoc when you cannot seem to get your credit under wraps.

First What is A Credit Report?

The report card to your financial life, a credit report is the piece of paper that most people look at to see how you have fared in your finances. It’s also known as a credit file or credit history, both names which denote exactly what it is a snapshot of your debts. The report has your credit card information listed which includes the line of credit you had and how many times you paid it late. Also, any utilities that were paid late, and of course any foreclosures you might have had. But, little did you know that any time it was inquired your credit score went down even lower!

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For bankruptcy, which is public record your debtor will be able to see this. Also a tax lien is public knowledge, any court judgments from small claims will also be on there as well. It’s all ready and available for your potential job, and home mortgage company to take a look at. Civil judgements are updated once they are paid off. Information is sent to the credit reporting agencies like Experian, TransUnion and Equifax monthly. So expect updates to occur at that time.

You can Dispute Credit Reports

It’s true you can dispute your credit report, but at the same time-you have to be able to sift through what the actual debt you owe was versus the reported and inflated amount. Credit disputes start with your review, but in our case-it begins with our action plan. We configure the actual issues from the issues that are false and go from there. We are also privy to the Ins and outs of the field, making it easier for us to create the optimum plan and enforce it to help you raise your credit score.

USA Credit Repair is there when you need us, and help you dispute and clean up that credit report so that you can be proud again.

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